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  • Construction of the century

    Опубликовано - 20 July, 2015 Категория - News

    Source – Вести.ру

    A few years ago, 200 kilometres from Volgograd in the desert began construction of the gremyachinskoe mining and processing plant. Over the last 50 years this is the first Russian project of this scale, which has already been dubbed “construction of the century”. The project budget is estimated to be approximately 100 billion rubles. LLC “Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis” acts as a General contractor.But mining and processing plant for mining is not enough. Over the past few years in the desert paved a new railroad, constructed a power plant, and in the near from the field Kotelnikovo create a new giant neighborhood for employees. After a few years in Kotelnikovo will come to live and work almost 10,000 people, and the city’s population will grow by almost half. In 2017 at gremyachinskoe GOK planning to start full-scale production. And total proven reserves should last at least 50 years. So the work here is just beginning.

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    Стройка века


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