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Ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixes

LLC “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” offers for the supply of ready-mixed concrete and mortar of all brands:
Stamps concrete, mortar manufactured in accordance with GOST. For all products issued a document on the quality of concrete, mortar.
At the request of the customer can be selected and tested any composition (grade) of concrete.
The company has a plant rastvorobetonnym ELKON MOBIL MASTER-60 winter performance, the estimated capacity of 50m3/h.
Delivery mixture shall mixer trucks of 7 and 9m3. To supply ready-mixed concrete to the site it is possible to use styling avtobetono pump estimated capacity of 80 cubic meters. m/h and boom length 37m.
On request, based on a previously filed application, the company is able to perform work in the evening and at night, around the clock without increasing their cost.
We are interested in long-term partnership and offer optimal conditions for cooperation.

The range of ready-mixed concrete

№ p/n class Brand
1 Concrete V7.5 known. W4, F50 100
2 Concrete B10 known. W4, F50 150
3 Concrete V12.5 known. W4, F50 150
4 Concrete B15 known. W4, F50 200
5 Concrete B15 known. W6, F50 200
6 Concrete B15 granite W6, F100 200
7 Concrete B20 known. W4, F50 250
8 Concrete B20 known. W6, F50 250
9 Concrete B20 granite W6, F100 250
10 Concrete V22.5 known. W4, F50 300
11 Concrete V22.5 granite W6, F100 300
13 Concrete B25 granite W6, F100 350
14 Concrete B25 granite W8, F200 350
16 Concrete B30 granite W6, F100 400
17 Concrete B30 granite W8, F200 400
18 Solution M50
19 Solution M75
20 Solution M100
21 Solution M150
22 Solution M200
23 Solution M300

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