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Equipment manufacturing

Our company has its own repair and mechanical production, as well as its own design office for manufacturing equipment under the order.

Ltd. “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” as soon as possible develop equipment of any complexity with non-standard parameters corresponding to the specific objectives and requirements of the customer.

List of services (repair), assemblies and parts of equipment produced in the repair and mechanical industries.

1. Apparatus, tanks, heat exchangers, tanks, masloholodilniki, filters, ejector according to the requirements of PB 03-584-03, OCT 26, 291-94, GOST R 52630-2006 and other normative documents
2. Repair of vehicles, reactors, columns, mixers, tanks, heat exchangers, masloholodilnikov project FFP “Nitrogen”
3. Repair air coolers with the replacement of finned tubes
4. Repair recovery boilers with replacement of pipes, repair shops reformer for ammonia production
5. Repairs and inspections of pipeline valves of different sizes
6. Parts of the installation chamber diaphragm to measure the flow of the medium
7. Piping, elbows, reducers of different sizes
8. Repair of the rotor GTT-3M for weak nitric acid plant
9. Details: pumps, compressors, conveyors, motors, GMP, automotive engineering (housing, valve, plunger, covers, drums, couplings, shafts, axles, pulleys, bushings and other protective.)
10. Steel structures of different sizes
11. Fasteners:
– General purpose GOST 1759-87
-for vessels and pipelines OST 26.2037-77 … 26.2044-77 (requirement: fur properties, hardness)
-for vessels and pipelines with temperature T = 0-650 ° C according to GOST 9064.75 … 9066.75.26 (requirement: fur properties, hardness)
-on Roux sv.10 to GOST 10494-80 100MPa, 10495-80, 11447-80 (requirement: fur properties, hardness)
-for to / from 101SA / SW SRT 00220227-013-2010 (requirement: fur properties, hardness, UT)
12. shafts, rods, bushings, bearing housings and couplings for Gr I – VR GOST 8479-70, GOST 25054-70 (requirement: fur properties, hardness, ICC)
13. Details of pipelines on Roux sv.10 to 100MPa: tees, elbows, knees, elbows, reducers, fittings, bends lens, flanges according to GOST 22790-89 transition (requirement: fur properties, hardness, UT, IWC, contamination by nonmetallic inclusions, ferrite content)
14. Flanges threaded lenses O on Ru sv.20 to 100MPa according to GOST 9399-81, GOST 10493-81 (requirement: fur properties, hardness)
15. Flanges DN10 … GOST 12815-80 Du2400 and GOST 28759 – 90
16. The hooks and brackets for insulation devices.
17. The cutting and bending of reinforcement bars of different sizes for embedded parts
18. Gears f20-520. Heat treatment, fur processing
19. Suspension, support for piping of various sizes
20. Repair of electric motors, transformers and electrical equipment

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