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Construction and installation work

Construction and installation work – is the common name of all the works in construction.
Assembly called work performed using ready-made components.

All types of construction works are divided into civil, special, transportation, loading and unloading.
Civil called work related to the erection of construction of buildings and structures.
Civil works are divided by type of recyclable materials or constructed features.

Earthworks include: digging trenches, pits, trenches for strip foundations, free-standing support, basements, underground utilities; ground transportation – loading, export, unloading, site leveling, stripping, backfilling, the device mound, soil compaction and others.
Piling works – pile foundations, piling, or piling.

Stonework – is the construction of walls, columns, arches, pillars, and of piece goods (brick, natural stone, large concrete blocks).
Concrete and reinforced concrete work – performed in the construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, in this work is the preparation of concrete, transportation, packing with a seal in the form (formwork), curing – creating conditions for normal hardening, solid work, used for embedment of joints between precast elements, formwork and reinforcement device monolithic sections.
Installation work – it’s delivery to a workplace setting, reconciliation and consolidation of finished products – steel, concrete, reinforced concrete, wood and others.

Carpentry and joinery – a delivery to the workplace finished wood products and installation of trusses, windows, doors and flooring of planks and parquet.
Roofing include attic roof coating steel and asbestos cement sheets and up roofs – rolled materials (roofing felt, asphalt, roofing material).
Finishing work – is plastering, tiling, wallpapering the walls of buildings.

Wall covering is done with the help of large size and small-sized tiles, sheet coating and is applied to the wall after the stone works.
Plaster can be performed manually with small volumes and mechanized method for large volumes.

Coloring and pasting refers to painting works. By finishing also include work on linoleum, plastic and others. MATERIALS floor.
Special works – is laying power, telephone wires, installation of plumbing equipment, device refractory, corrosion-resistant coatings and others.

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