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  • Will be a new product and “big” water

    Опубликовано - 24 December, 2015 Категория - News

    Today’s visit to the Tula region Governor Vladimir Gruzdev in Novomoskovsk in the framework of the visiting of the objects of the company “EuroChem”, located in the region, included many solemn moments, meaningful for the residents of our city and the whole region.

    The FIRST joyfully anticipated event for all the staff of JSC “MCC “EuroChem” and its enterprises Novomoskovsk AK “Nitrogen” was the opening of a new Department for the production of porous ammonium nitrate. This is another step in implementing a large investment programme MCC “EuroChem” in our city. As it was noted at the opening ceremony, in recent years, the Novomoskovsk, the company underwent large-scale modernization, which affected the main divisions of the plant.

    To congratulate the chemists with new achievements together with Governor Vladimir Gruzdev came many official guests, including representatives of the government of Tula oblast and heads of the subsidiaries of MCC “EuroChem”, of the municipality. In his welcoming speech to the chemists, and in their face and all Novomoskovsk, the head of the region emphasized that at this event the modernization of the enterprise does not stop, it will continue to Novomoskovsk “Nitrogen”. Moreover, already by the end of 2015, NAK “Azot” is the largest taxpayer to the regional budget: the regional budget revenues it receives almost 20% of its entire income.

    Reasons for pride MCC “EuroChem” a lot today. CEO Dmitry Strezhnev in this regard, said: “Ten days ago we had a meeting of the Board of Directors, where we considered the five-year term of the development of Novomoskovsk. Will be more new projects — new development of the company”.

    Head of division “Fertilizers”, JSC “MCC “EuroChem” Alexander Tugolukov, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the new production was noticed that ammonium nitrate remains a very popular product for all farmers. But a new product that will be produced here, the – porous ammonium nitrate is also required consumers to have another plan for blasting. In particular, her interest in these products already stated the LLC “Knauf GIPS Novomoskovsk”.

    One of the heroes of the day became friendly “Nitrogen” unit, which has erected a new production — LLC “Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis”. Its General Director Andrey Milukov wished the customer more of such buildings. For achievements in the construction of the diplomas at the ceremony were awarded a number of workers of “Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis”, subsidiary company “EuroChem”, which also took part in this, in the words of Alexander Tugolukov, “common “ibrahimovich construction”. Conditional key to the new production of Andrew Milikov solemnly presented to the Executive Director of NAK “Azot” Alexander Savenkov. By the way, the new branch of porous ammonium nitrate, which is a symbolic valve, running the unit into service, has turned together with the Governor, representatives of the government, the leadership of MCC “EuroChem” and directly the production Department has 70 new jobs. It was built 700 employees.

    At the Novomoskovsk enterprise is really open for many more prospects. Throughout the territory of the former chemical plant, finally, demolished all the ruined buildings of the former production facilities that allow for further efficient use of sites. “We managed, finally, to solve here the problem of long-standing old property that belonged to the Russian Federation, — said the Governor Vladimir Gruzdev. — Two years ago, documents have been issued, the company acquired the asset. …And today offers almost 130 hectares of land, which become virtually a new science Park, because here the protected area, there are all communications: Sewerage, gas, electricity, rail-ways, driveways. There are trained staff and educational complex. It is well developed and the city itself. In fact on these 130 acres in the future we can develop more production with a total investment of about 60-70 billion. Therefore we are interested that this area has attracted new investors, high-performance and high-tech”.

    ANOTHER important point of the day was the signing ceremony of the Agreement for cooperation in the project “Big water” to ensure quality and safe water supply and sanitation in the city of Novomoskovsk. This is so necessary to Novomoskovsk document under the public-private partnership was signed by the Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev, General Director of OJSC “MCC “EuroChem” Dmitry Strezhnev and the head of the city administration Vadim Jersev.

    The project, long-awaited in Novomoskovsk, almost being resuscitated after changed unscrupulous contractor, said in his brief remarks, the head of region Vladimir Gruzdev.

    The project said the Governor, has the distant goal: it will improve the supply not only of Novomoskovsk, but in the long term and don and the neighboring Node.

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