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г. Новомосковск, ул. Свободы, д. 9


The foundation day of the branch of “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” in g.Kotelnikovo is the date of registration of the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of the Volgograd region – 02.03.2011.

According to the prime contract between OOO “EuroChem VolgaKaliy” and OOO “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” branch performs complex construction and installation work on the construction of the surface complex “Mining and Processing Plant for the extraction and enrichment of potash capacity of 2.3 million. Tons / year 95% KCL Gremyachinskoe Kotel’nikovskii region Volgograd region.

The official address of the branch:
Volgograd region., Kotelnikovsky district, Kotelnikovo Street. Lenin 7.

Branch Director: Pak Gennady – mail branch;
+7 (48762) 2-81-81 (ext.29646) – Secretary-phone.

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