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Informing the staff

On the construction and installation sites of “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” use visual means of collective protection of workers, intended to alert workers about possible danger, prohibition or obligation certain actions:

Информационные знаки безопасности Информационные знаки безопасности

Installed in the street of the panels and a mirror for self-control on the use of PPE:

Уличные щиты Уличные щиты

Video agitation and Feedback

As part of FE “facilities management company MCC” EuroChem “means videoagitatsii safety” were purchased and installed in shops and motor transport enterprise 8 TVs.
Feedback in the Organization shall be established in the shops information boards, as well as ongoing meetings with staff.
In 2014 to develop a video on health and safety.
In 2014 set the boxes for the collection of information in each structural unit of the Organization.

Телевизоры в цехах Телевизоры в автобусах

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