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Organization of production work at height

Work at height


    LLC “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” provides the following types of construction work associated with the production of works at height:

  • Installation work;
  • Civil works;
  • Special work

The number of personnel performing work at height: 500 – 700

The use of lifting devices in the production of work at height

lift with hydraulic work platformThe lift with hydraulic work platform, trailer with electric drive:

    Main performance:

  • – Working height: 14.25m
  • – the possibility of a single-phase power supply: 220V
  • – the possibility of inside and outside

Self-propelled hydraulic scissor lift

Self-propelled hydraulic scissor lift

    Main performance:

  • – Working height: 17.0m
  • – weight lifted cargo – 350kg;
  • – current – continuous;
  • – Voltage – 24V;
  • – the possibility of indoor and outdoor on smooth surfaces

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