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Repair and mechanical production of “HPCC”

Repair and mechanical production (RMP) Ltd. “HPCC” is one of the main divisions of society.
The composition of the RMP include:
1. Mechanical workshop.
2. Boiler and Welding Shop.
3. Pressovy site.
4. Plot of repair and inspection of pipe fittings.
5. Shop for the manufacture of metal structures.
6. Electrical Repair Shop.

presents the main types of work experience in which there is, and technical capabilities RMP LLC “HPCC”.

Production of non-standard equipment and spare parts

1. The tank pressure ammonia poses. V-103 production of urea.
2. Hydraulic unit plunger pump «URACA» urea production.
3. The tube bundle air heater production of nitric acid.
4. muffler high pressure pumps poz.R-301 urea production.
5. Tanks preparing a solution of ammonia and hydrazine poz.E1, E2 production of urea.
6. Collection of leachate poz.3152 of “phosphine”.
7. flotation Kovdorsky for mining and processing plant.
8. Reconstruction of the reactor in the catalytic reactor cleaning solvent refining production of nitric acid.
9. The combustor versatile production of nitric acid.
10. Manufacture of tanks.

Production of technological equipment

1. Repair HRSG poz.101 ammonia production.
2. The repair of a gas turbine rotor GGT 3M production of nitric acid.
3. Repair of the rotor blower production of ammonium nitrate.
4. Repair crank pump group «URACA» urea production.
5. Repair mixer high pressure urea production.
6. Repair of air coolers ammonia production.
7. Repair of reaction tubes.
8. Repair of tail gas heater production of nitric acid.
9. Repair contactor production of nitric acid.
10. Production of lens compensators.

types of metal

1. Turning parts weighing up to 10 tons.
2. Boring work.
3. Plasma cutting of metal stainless steel 130 mm thick.
4. Turning and turning operation (up to 16 tons).
5. Heat treatment of workpieces: volumetric, surface.
6. Bending, cutting pieces of various shapes on the crank presses up to 100 tons.
7. Metal Forming by free forging and stamping on the steam-air hammers with a maximum weight of 3000 kg of the incident.
8. Cutting sheet metal guillotine shears thickness up to 25 mm.
9. Sheet metal bending machines of rolling at a thickness of 30 mm.

LLC “HPCC” has all the permits for activities on such work. (If necessary, may be available in electronic form of licenses and certificates). For the manufacture of products available in the full documentation in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

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