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History of the Company

History of the creation of “Novomoskovsk-remstroyservice” begins in August 1931, when at the same time with the construction of chemical plant were built and put into operation a mechanical and then Forges repair and mechanical plant. The beginning of the history of the plant is considered to be April 19, 1932, when he was commissioned foundry. December 22, 1933 was signed by the government commission report on the acceptance of the first stage Bobrikov electromechanical plant (now JSC “Azot”), which controls and was transferred to repair and engineering works. Since then, the history of our company is inextricably linked with JSC “Azot”.

As the years passed. The company grew stronger, changed leaders and forms of organization, but remained unchanged production profile, preserved and was strengthened further generations of experience in repair and manufacturing non-standard equipment. Introduced and mastered new technologies of metal. And after seventy years, it was decided to allocate repair services of “Azot” in individual units.

Thus, on 29 January 2003 in the merger of mechanical repair Production management overhaul and repair and construction department was created Ltd. “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” as a subsidiary of MCC “EuroChem”. Later, it was composed of repair shop communications and centralized repair shop process equipment.

During the four years of development of “Novomoskovsk-REMSTROYSERVIS” shows high growth rates of its indicators, such as the increase in sales volume by 4.5 times, the number of staff – 2 times the net assets – 125 times.

Currently, our permanent customers are enterprises of Tula, Moscow and Ryazan regions: LLC “KhimServis”, JSC “Quartz”, JSC “Novomoskovsk-Himstroy”, JSC “Kislotoupor” Novomoskovsk factory ceramic materials Novomoskovskiy Machine Works, and others. We have successfully were carried out orders to companies belonging to the holding company MCC “EuroChem”, among them JSC «Kovdor GOK”, JSC “Nevinnomyssky Nitrogen” and LLC PG “Fosforit”, but the main partner and customer for us is still the JSC “NAC” Nitrogen “.

Among our new customers we can call of “Knauf Gypsum”, JSC “Novomoskovskbytkhim” (Procter & Gamble) and JSC “Ryazan Refinery” (TNK British Petroleum).

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Today “Novomoskovsk-remstroyservice” – is a powerful repair unit consists of five divisions, consisting of nine departments, staffed by representatives of more than eighty professions.

Through investments in new equipment, technology and staff training, we improve production, master new techniques and technologies, expanding the range of products and services, improve their quality.

We set ourselves the long-term objectives and we are confident in achieving high quality standards of its activities and the well-being of its employees and their families.

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